Production, inventory, and planning system for Plant Nurseries.

Nursery Management can be very difficult and complex. With Planting Nursery you can build your business to adapt and scale to the next level.


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Inventory Management

Planting Nursery was designed to track plants in the fields, greenhouses, and warehouses, as well as all hard goods needed in the production process. Quantities are updated automatically as you work. Every time a production task, a picking order or a reception order is completed, the inventory is updated making it easy to maintain.

Always know what’s on-hand, where each item is located, availability across the plants and prevent stock shortages. Take control of your inventory to streamline your operations and focus on what matters most to your business.


Growing Plants

  • Know what production tasks are scheduled for the current week.
  • Manage all your production tasks in a single place.
  • Create detailed sowing/potting orders that including date, locations, needed resources, and workers.
  • Easily schedule fertilization, strimming, spreading, quality checks, or any other custom task.
  • Keep track of lot locations, planned vs potted quantity, ready date, dependencies, tasks, and resources.
  • Create a bill of resources for each plant to automate production planning and ensure quality in your operations.

Spray & Scouting

  • Identify and control plant diseases, water deficit or excess in field using our mobile app.
  • Create a spray calendar to automate recurring spray tasks.
  • Create spray orders with automated assistance to calculate spray mix by area or containers.
  • Get real-time alerts when plant diseases are detected, non-scouted locations, or pending spray orders.
  • Protect your people issuing re-entry warnings after a location was sprayed and define clear handling and protective gear requirements.
  • Stay compliant by keeping track of your spray records, license, and applied chemical active ingredients.

Rugged Handheld Barcode Scanner for Scouting, Availability, and Inventory Counts

Production Plan

Production Planning

Plan your production thinking about sales goals and finished products. We will generate all lots, tasks and resources requirements to grow your plants. Real quantities will be calculated based on percentage of germination and units per parent for each week of the year as defined in the bill of resources.

Get real-time alerts if a production task is delayed or if there is not enough inventory stocks for a target date based on the plan.

Production Plan


  • Create purchase orders based on production plans to reduce risk, ensure the security of supply, quality, and lower costs.
  • Create purchase orders with automated assistance to calculate purchase quantities based on inventory stocks, in process purchase orders and resources requirements.
  • Validate vendor's lead times and resources expiration dates.
  • Keep track of your purchase and reception records.
  • Create purchase orders for unexpected demand or loss.


  • Create sales orders based on real availability, selecting packaging requirements, and service fees.
  • Flexible pricing, discounts, shipping costs, and taxes.
  • Advanced order processing to pick from the field, warehouse, or vendor.
  • Create stylish plant assortments.

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Planting Nursery Mobile App
Planting Nursery Mobile App
Planting Nursery Mobile App
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